Meet the Guru

Brooke Amy

Fashionista, Human Google, Blogger

All of my life, people have come to me, asking for my help in various ways.  I’m kind of like a human google.

I must have inherited this  ability from my mom, as she has always been “in the know." My dad always said Mom knew who Bette Midler was before she did. We both love a good challenge and connecting people to their needs, whether it be a great seamstress, the blackest mascara or the best restaurant with a huge round table.  This ability to match people’s wants and needs has always come naturally to me.

My career started in casting, working for Aaron spelling for Beverly Hills 90210, making casting connections. Currently I work as a recruiter, connecting people to their dream job.  Recently, I had an epiphany,  when one of my best friends asked me, almost jokingly,  if I knew someone who makes cheese platters, and we laughed, because of course, I had the phone number in my back pocket of the best person in town. It was at that moment that I realized it’s time for me to take my love for making connections and share these fabulous finds in a new way. Which brings me to Brooke Amy styles.