Freemans Restaurant and Bar

This year for Thanksgiving my boyfriend Kevin and I decided to ditch the turkey and head to The Big Apple. He had never been, and I wanted to show him a good time around the city. My mom is from NYC and loves to do her research on the hip and cool places to go. She said, make me one promise and go to Freemans. She’s so demanding, ha! We had some free time to go for a drink before meeting some family for dinner. We were both in awe of how cool this place was. Feels like a hidden gem on the lower east side of Manhattan. You walk down a daunting alley which could be scary with tons of graffiti, but the pretty twinkling white lights guide you to the door. We only had time for a drink, but the menu looked incredible and the atmosphere was super fun. Old hunting lodge feeling. This will be first on our list for dinner for our next trip.


END of Freemans Alley
Freemans Alley is off Rivington Street between Chrystie and the Bowery on the Lower East Side of New York City
(212) 420-0012


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