It’s always hard to find a workout that you love and want to get to. Let’s be honest, no one really loves working out, right??

I like to go in the morning, get in and out and not think about it all day. My girlfriend and I were ready to try something different after spinning for so many years, and after suffering a shoulder injury, I was forced to find something low impact. HIIT 11 – High-Intensity Interval Training. Classes are 45 minutes long and go by super-fast, which is most important to me. There are 11 stations and you stay at each one for 45 seconds and then have 15 seconds to get to the next one. A few examples of the stations are rowing, stationary bike, squats, and sit-ups. You go 3 rounds, then stretch and you’re out of there. I’ve been going four days a week for a while and feel great!

HIIT 11 Circuit Training
14416 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 616-3022

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