Jeanie the Jeweler

I have always been a lover of diamonds, I mean what girl isn’t, right?? All my girls seem to be turning 50, one after the other and I am not far behind them. 50 screams something special and blingy, in my opinion. I had first sent my boyfriend here for the holidays to find me something fabulous and wow, did he do well! $300 for a gorgeous diamond necklace. Whatever I see in the stores, I have found here for at least half the price and I am not exaggerating. A great idea for a special occasion gift is to get all of your girlfriends together to pitch in and get something substantial. For $500 you will be very happy and of course, if you can go higher, you can go bigger when it comes to the bling. Duh! Ask for Jeannie Kim, she will help you. Beware of pricey parking that seems to be more expensive then the jewelry. I try to park off of Hill Street as it’s a little bit cheaper but there are plenty of lots all over.

Kims Destiny Inc.
650 S. Hills St. D-1,
Los Angeles, Ca. 90014

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