Superhero Mascara

Ever since junior high school, I have been wearing the same brand of mascara that I still love, but as I get older I find myself wanting my make-up to be easier and easier. Lately, I haven’t even been wearing mascara because it’s so hard to take off. I have tried every brand, from the super expensive to the drug store affordable, hoping to find one that comes off easily. I know how much better I look when my lashes are fresh with mascara, it’s like night and day. Lucky for me I have found my new mascara! It’s called Superhero Mascara by It Cosmetics and I absolutely love it. It goes on super smooth and comes off with a little soap and water. There’s no black smudge under my eyes or black schmutz on my towel. Overall a great product.

Superhero Mascara by It Cosmetics
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