The Real Real

Ok, if you don’t know about The Real Real, get ready for a new obsession. Any designer you have ever dreamt of owning is now available to you at a price you can afford, because it’s all designer resale. It’s amazing! I just bought a pair of $600 Prada boots that I swear look brand new. I can’t tell that a person has ever even tried them on. They are so gorgeous that the first Fall day they will be on my feet. You can also sell your own stuff too. You know, the Gucci boots you just had to have and then you never wore? Why not sell them on the Real Real and buy a new pair you will actually wear. You can even mark your favorite items on the website with a heart and every time one of those favorite little obsessions goes down in price, they will email you to let you know. The shoes are returnable too and lucky for me, they just opened a store in Los Angeles.

The Real Real
8500 Melrose Ave,
West Hollywood, CA

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