The Shape House

This is an urban sweat lodge. One of my girlfriends turned me on to this place but she warned me, it really tests your patience…but you lose weight! Of course, I only heard the weight loss part. You make an appointment and when you get there you are greeted with light-weight sweat pants and a top. I looked like I was in prison. Then they help you get into a bed, wrap you up and zip you in, but let a hand hang out so that you can reach the tv remote and your water, thankfully, which by the way has never tasted so good.  The staff is incredible and they are there for you all the way through. The last 10 minutes, one of the girls was even rooting me on to finish like I was at the end of a marathon, because that’s what it feels like. After reading about all the benefits, I just wanted to finish my session and I did! You are literally soaking wet when you are done and then get taken to a relaxing room with oranges and water to hydrate. You feel so great afterwards. I will say my pants did feel a bit looser, but we all know it’s just water weight and after my glass of wine that night, I am sure it all came right back. But it was a cool experience I would do again.

The Shape House
12319 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, Ca 91604

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