Troncones, Mexico


What have I been waiting for? My friend Rick has been inviting me to his home for 15 years, and I finally said yes and found heaven on earth. You fly into Zihuatanejo, hop in a cab and head 30 miles north west to Troncones. If you saw the movie Shawshank Redemption you know Zihuantanejo. Troncones is still an unassuming town in the state of Guerrero that has yet to be discovered. Chickens still roam the streets with no stop lights and the best authentic Mexican food you could ever dream of. Rick’s house is for rent and might I say, absolutely gorgeous. The waves are so loud, they almost keep you up at night. Oscar and Fanny run the joint and are there to help you with anything if you need. If you don’t feel like exploring the local restaurants in town, they will cook 3 meals a day of the most delicious authentic Mexican food you’ve ever tasted. If the house rental is out of your budget or just too big, the The Inn at Manzanillo Bay is just down the road and very affordable. The restaurant at the Inn is delish. Don’t forget to bring home their Big blue tequila-it’s so smooth and tasty. Also, there’s some of the best surfing right outside your door. A little slice of heaven, not to be missed.

La Mariposa Luxury Villa
Private Villa, 8 to 10 people

The Inn at Manzanillo Bay
Resort, various room types

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